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1 hour. Your Method. Your Results.

We use the latest in exercise science and technology to help you reach your individual goals in a small group setting by applying the Method Approach. Come in with a goal, leave feeling accomplished.

Each workout will use the Method BLOCKS to give you the full body, whole spectrum workout you want!


Strength training to become stronger, burn more calories, get lean, perform daily tasks with ease, and have you feeling youthful no matter your age.


HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to increase HR, metabolism, and energy.


Sharpen your ability to catch your breath and perform because whether you’re a mom chasing a two-year-old, a casual runner, or someone who plays pick-up basketball on the weekends, we all need to be in the best shape.


Correct behaviors that can lead to injuries or pain by improving flexibility and mobility. Because your workout shouldn’t break you down, it should build you up.


At the end of every session, you need to prepare for your next one. Amplify your body’s ability to bounce back and continue to make progress.

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