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Effective Method

Our Method is really Your Method.


Method coaches each individual to master the basics of their own physical movement and sports performance to get results. With a strong foundation we will build your unique talents to a whole new level with customized training programs for the sport and the individual.

Your Method training programs are organized into sixty-minute BLOCKS. Each BLOCK is designed to support one of the Method principles: Explode, Build, Pace, Repair and Recover.

We track your progress with cutting edge technology to make it easy to see results and build professional-grade training into your lives. Our Method is rooted in proven science, modernized by technology. 

Start Here: Evaluation


At an initial meeting, Method and the client together draw out and set fitness and training goals. Using specific criteria, Method will evaluate the client’s current level of athleticism to guide Method’s post-meeting planning. After that meeting, Method will develop a customized training program, with specific exercises for the individual. 


You need speed, including stops and starts and directional changes, to dominate competition or achieve personal bests. EXPLODE helps with speed, agility, power, quickness, sprint mechanics and rate of force production.


You need a foundation to be strong and you need to be strong to be fast. Developing and/or adding functional muscle mass is the focus of BUILD.


To achieve in your sport, or to reach that next level of fitness, you need to go beyond conditioning. PACE will sharpen your ability to catch your breath, perform and prevent injury.


You can’t perform if you are injured. REPAIR is specific exercises and techniques that help correct behaviors that can often lead to injuries by improving flexibility and mobility, and fine tuning the way you move.


At the end of every competition or personal best, you need to prepare for your next one. RECOVER uses advanced technology to amplify your body’s ability to bounce back.

More about Method BLOCKS.

Rotating exercises.

The exercises in each Method BLOCK are a constant rotation and change of individual exercises. Method customizes combinations for you based on your goals and current state of athleticism.

Personal attention.

Method trainers are always on-hand to make sure you are making the most out of your workout time.


Touch-screens at Method show you what to do when you arrive. Heart monitors are issued to track and create a record of your workouts and progress.

BLOCK combinations.

Driving toward your goals will likely require a combination of Method BLOCKS, and these combinations are also designed for you by Method.