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What We Do  


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Method Sports and Fitness coaches the athlete in everyone. 

From novice to prime-time, why can't all talents, sizes and ages benefit from professional athletic training? You can. Method programs are customized to the athletic-minded and performance-oriented. We take professional training techniques and apply them to the everyday gym with a distinct approach. The result is a state-of-the-art facility with certified coaches focused on you and your goals.

You have performance goals. We get you results. 


Our Method



Method implements a quick but comprehensive evaluation to begin every client's program. Our Evaluation has both physical and goal orienting aspects to help our team of qualified coaches prepare how best to help each client. 
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 Program workouts are developed using 5 fundamental building blocks.
BuildExplodePace RepairRecover
Your evaluation will help us determine the emphasis required within each block. This also serves as an easy way to schedule your 1-hour workouts. See below for more information on each Block.


Speed and strength training focused on improving
power production and refining the quality of movements.

Training Includes: 

-Power production focused weight training

-Agility and first-step quickness

-Linear speed and acceleration

-Multi-directional agility 


Weight training focused on creating a core foundation of strength, coordination, and muscular endurance.

Training Includes:

-Weight training focused on building strength

-Age, goal, and experience appropriate program

-Trackable results to see progress

-Top level coaching  


Cardiovascular training focused on enhancing aerobic capacity and speeding up recovery time.  

Training Includes:

-Cardio  program built around demands of sport

-Use of state of the art cardio equipment
-Method's Heart Rate tracking technology



Prescriptive movement training focused on helping correct slight imbalances or deficiencies in movement or strength identified during the evaluation.

Training Includes:

-Corrective strength movements

-Soft tissue work



Recovery training consisting of myofascial release techniques, static stretching, and cutting edge equipment to decrease necessary recovery time.

Training Includes Access To:




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More about Method BLOCKS.

Rotating exercises.

The exercises in each Method BLOCK are a constant rotation and change of individual exercises. Method customizes combinations for you based on your goals and current state of athleticism.

Personal attention.

Method trainers are always on-hand to make sure you are making the most out of your workout time.


Touch-screens at Method show you what to do when you arrive. Heart monitors are issued to track and create a record of your workouts and progress.

BLOCK combinations.

Driving toward your goals will likely require a combination of Method BLOCKS, and these combinations are also designed for you by Method.