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Why it Works  


Method programming is deeply rooted in science and makes use of cutting edge equipment.

Velocity Based Training

In athletics being strong is great, but it’s not what sets good athletes apart from great athletes. Being able to be strong quickly tends to be the seperator between being good and being great. Enter Velocity Based Training.

Heart Rate Tracking

When the goal is to change body composition, calories in Vs calories out is the name of the game. Tracking calories in is somewhat easy with the ability to look up how many calories are in our food right at our fingertips. Calories out is a bit more complicated. By tracking heart rate throughout workouts we are able to determine how many calories were burned during the workout and help clients adjust their calorie intake accordingly.

Repair Program

At Method we don’t just say Every Body is Different, we believe it. Repair helps to make sure Every Body is able to do what is asked of it through use of stretching, myofascial release techniques, and proper exercise technique.

Professional Coaching

Reaching for goals is never an easy thing to do. At Method our qualified and motivational coaches are there to lend a helping hand every step of the way. Their goal is to help you reach yours. Meet our team at the link below.   

Our Team

Personal and Affordable

Group training rate with personal training feel.

Method believes that everybody should be able to get the help they need to reach their goals. Using state of the art technology and top level coaching Method has blended group training rates with personal training programming. 


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