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Technology helps deliver the method edge

No two individuals are the same. Method’s training facility was created to be a space that accommodates individually designed workouts with an athlete’s unique needs and comfort levels. As you advance your fitness level, our facility design also grows with you.

But Method is more than a collection of great Coaches and top-of-the-line traditional fitness equipment. If you cannot measure and understand the elements of your fitness, it can be exceedingly difficult to improve it. Method clients use a vast array of measurement tools that we have to help measure progress. Use of all of these tools is included in every Method Unlimited membership. Our Coaches use them to help design every Method Unlimited client’s ongoing workout regimen.

Technology in-use at Method also tends to provide substantive feedback, an enhancement to the friendly, encouraging, but not practically useful: “Good Job Out There Today!” (Although we do that, too!)

One other thing – the technology Method offers is not “reserved” for “Super Elite” athletes – it is available and encouraged for every one of our Method Unlimited members.


In Body

Analyzes weight, body fat mass, lean muscle mass, total water weight, body fat percentage and more.

Data is stored, and progress/changes are shown each time you step on the InBody machine. As a result, you can see, for example, whether you are gaining or losing weight from fat or muscle mass.

This data often might suggest whether you should consider a change in eating habits and may suggest desirable workout design changes over time to your Coach.


Measures heart rate and calorie burn over the course of each workout at Method.

Provides a motivational real-time analysis of data collected, translated into MyZone Effort Points (“MEPS”), and a zoning system that is intended to show you, during your workouts, whether you are expending too little (or too much!) energy.

You can access MyZone-collected data to compare your workouts over time on your MyZone App.


Any idea how fast/efficiently you move the bar during a specific exercise or test, like squats, bench press, vertical jump or hang/power clean? GymAware knows.

Many athletes participate in sports that favor fast or explosive movements over the amount of weight the athlete can move. Measuring how explosive you are and how that measure changes/improves over time is critical for your success on the playing field and also helps inform Method’s Coaches when you are ready for the next steps in your fitness program.

GymAware measurements also incentivize athletes to improve toward hitting their goals continuously.

Freelap Timing System

Deploys lasers to give highly accurate speed data over relatively short distances, more reliable and less prone to error.

And, unlike a traditional stopwatch, that, even if done accurately, can only provide an average speed, this system provides data on acceleration and top-end speed: a more complete analysis of speed that is used in the context of your chosen activities/sports, to not only measure progress but also continuously refine your workout.


An innovative, light-based reflex training system designed to improve agility, balance, coordination, reaction time and strength.

It also happens to bring an element of competition to your workouts!

Exxentric Kboxx

The eccentric phase of a particular exercise can be just as crucial to your fitness as the concentric phase. For example, you may recognize the benefit of the “up” part of a dumbbell biceps curl. The “down” movement, executed slowly under the weight load of the dumbbell, keeps the targeted muscles under load while lengthening.

The Exxentric Kboxx helps provide safe, practical, and more effective benefits from eccentric training at a higher speed than without the machine.

Hawkin Dynamics

Force plates provide a copious amount of data with every single jump. Mechanics, height, weight distribution, to be sure, but also reaction time when redirecting force.

Method collects your baseline numbers the minute you become a Method Unlimited client and periodically retests to help determine your changing workout needs over time.


Helps athletes overcome resistance. Overcoming resistance will help you jump higher and farther and help make your movements more explosive.


Touchscreen TVS are conveniently placed throughout the facility and give you access to your individualized workouts! When your profile is pulled up you can select the day’s workout and access your exercises! With the help of the Method Coaches you complete each exercise and record your reps, weights, and completions! The system will retain this information so you can see your progress!

Two Method Recovery Sessions are included in the Method Unlimited plan!

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