Program prices for athletes of all ages are equal

Method Unlimited

Unlimited Training Sessions $165 / per month Schedule Evaluation
4 Sessions $130 Schedule Evaluation
8 Sessions $220 Schedule Evaluation

Includes UNLIMITED individualized training sessions. 2 Recovery sessions. PACE cardio classes.

Evaluation - Free

Method FIT

FIT Drop in $20
Adult Gym Membership $35 / month*
Method FIT 12 month membership $360 paid in full

Included: Method FIT gym membership – access to the Method FIT gym during business hours. Clean towel service and bottled water available.

*First payment will include a one-time $15 enrollment fee.

Method PACE

Single PACE class $15
PACE monthly $100

Included in Method UNLIMITED or per class pricing available.

Method CAMPS (Individual)

1 class $25
3 pack $70
5 pack $100
8 pack $150

Method CAMPS (Group)

Call or email for more details and to book your group

4 sessions (7 kids) $300
6 sessions (7 kids) $450
8 sessions (7 kids) $600
4 sessions (10 kids) $400
6 sessions (10 kids) $600
8 sessions (10 kids) $800

Call or email to book a Group CAMP!

More Method

InBody Body Composition Testing $35
Method Recovery - 1 session $35
TEAM training session $100 per session Call to book!

InBody Body Composition Testing

Highly detailed and accurate measurements of your body composition. Precisely track fat loss and muscle gain.

Included in UNLIMITED!

By appointment only - call to book

Method Recovery

Prevent injury, reduce muscle pain, improve circulation, replenish energy stores.

2 Recovery sessions are included in UNLIMITED.

TEAM Training

By appointment only.


NO start-up fees and NO contracts with Method UNLIMITED!

*No-show fees are $12 per no-show.

*Terms and conditions: Membership in Method UNLIMITED will continue for as long as automatic credit or debit payments are made monthly. A member may place a “hold” on their membership for up to three months in each calendar year for just $10 per month of the hold. The “hold” begins in the month applicable to the next scheduled payment after notice is provided.

*Taxes are included in pricing.


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