How to Maximize Benefits from Cardio Routines

When it comes to losing weight, the thinking used to be that cycling, running, and other cardiovascular exercises were the best methods for shedding pounds. But science has debunked that way of thinking. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you can burn or cut 3,500 calories a week, you’ll lose just one pound of fat. According to Runner’s World, the average person burns about 100 calories per mile of running, meaning you would have to run nearly a marathon and a half to lose just one pound of weight.

That said, cardio helps build an efficient and productive workout routine. When combined properly with strength and flexibility training, cardio can help increase mobility, performance, endurance and overall well-being.

The best strategy for overall performance gains

Balancing your workout routine is a more effective way of reaching your fitness goals.

A balanced routine can increase your metabolism (helping you maximize fat and calorie burn) versus cardio alone. A balanced routine can also limit overuse and repetitive motion injuries, give muscles more time to recover, and keep you more mentally stimulated during your workouts.

Cardio exercise is an important part of your fitness routine, but it shouldn’t be the only part. Incorporating strength and flexibility training can allow you to continue to enjoy cardio and increase the benefits of your overall routine.

Mixing it up is encouraged by major sports organizations

Recently, the NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA, the US Olympic Committee and more high-profile sports leagues and organizations are recommending that young athletes participate in more than one sport to help build endurance, muscle performance, motor and athletic development, better creativity and increased mechanics. Balancing cardio with weightlifting, resistance and flexibility training gives you similar advantages from your workout routine.

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