The Most Common Myths About Fitness

Whether new to exercising or a seasoned veteran, you’re likely to encounter some common myths about working out. These myths can be a combination of bad science, old wives’ tales or just plain ignorance of the facts. If you are new to working out, it’s important to consult your doctor and find a gym and […]

Method Speed Training

Speed training has been used to great success with sprinters and other runners, but it can also provide benefits for other athletes. Speed training involves the increase in muscle power through both starting and stopping functions. Much of the focus in speed training is on the explosive force the athlete generates in each repetition, and […]

Prioritizing YOU in your Wellness Routine

When exercising, it’s imperative to give our muscles and body a break to recuperate from the stress of working out. While resting, fitting in cardio, weightlifting or resistance training to your workout plan, a recovery plan should also be included. Rest days are not the same as recovery days Simply put, rest days are different […]

How to Maximize Benefits from Cardio Routines

When it comes to losing weight, the thinking used to be that cycling, running, and other cardiovascular exercises were the best methods for shedding pounds. But science has debunked that way of thinking. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you can burn or cut 3,500 calories a week, you’ll lose just one pound of fat. […]

One-Sport Specialization for Young Athletes

Back when today’s children’s parents were children themselves, sports had seasons.  Football, field hockey, cross country, volleyball, and soccer in the fall; basketball, indoor track, and swimming in the winter; baseball, softball, outdoor track in the spring; and mostly, summers were a time to kick back take a break from sports.  These days, your child […]

Your Mental Health Shouldn’t Be Secondary to Your Physical Health


Athletes train hard to achieve peak physical fitness. While it’s important to know what exercises to perform to build muscle, which stretches provide the best results, or what diets can aid in their growth and recovery; building an effective workout routine and training strategy is about more than achieving peak physical health. Mental well-being is […]

How to Fail at Fitness

Method Sports and Fitness - Fitness and Technology

1. Do not commit to a long-term, regular fitness plan. 2. Have no fitness plan, or one based on guesswork, or designed with the gym, not you, in mind. Two Keys to Fitness Results Fitness goals are as different as people. And two particular persons, even if they have the same fitness goals, are unlikely […]

Give Your Child Strength for Life

It’s generally accepted that high school athletic programs help your child prepare for the future by building confidence, teaching teamwork and promoting leadership skills. Strength and conditioning training can not only enhance performance on the field of play, but can also enhance life lessons often derived from participation in athletics. Whether your child is an […]